Hi I am at University learning education. I have always wanted to be a teacher and teach primary school. I have always felt inspired to teach and support to primary school age. I have always been inspired to support pupils to get best grades and have cheery experiences. I did not have passion to do anything else and it was the job I found would be purposeful job and have a rewarding goal for pupils and teachers. My goal was to give children joyful experiences and to teach what children like learning and work with teachers to have memories and experiences that are proud to be apart of, joyful and having good relationships with teachers to work on a goal is important.
I started working in primary schools in my local area and found it difficult to be sure that teaching will impact the children. My aim to be a teacher is worrying and becoming less certain. I found from my experience is that my goal was big. l wanted experiences that would be memorable.
In my years at college and Univeristy I have volunteered in charity work and found helping others to be something good to give.
My social life is a worry. I worried about making the most of life.
I felt that I was worried about making the most of life. I have been up town to have drink and spend time with friends. I realised in my times out that to make the most is to be looser and fun loving intentions and to be free and outgoing.
I read blogs and found that the way of writing a blog is to talk about what personally value and experience in life that you want to share with others. I read a blog
A thing I read on a blog was ” focus on a passion to guide your life”
I realised that I do not have a passion I could stick at. I did exercise but this become slowly unmotivated in some weeks and exercise was not a passion. I realised that teaching was a worry as the goal was a passion but i had yet to find if it was realistic goal.
I enjoy writing and blogs I found was a purposeful way to talk and put thoughts and feelings in concrete writing.
In the blog it added that the two type of people were the one who had a passion and had it for the rest of their lives and the explorers who was not 100% sure of their passion and tried lots of things. I was a explorer and did not no my passion 100% certain. I had a passion and eager to help others in hospital volunteering, teaching children with learning needs and charity work. I had a passion for making friends and family joyful and at ease that was a passion that everyone had and being able to experience things together helped explore passions of art, teaching and exercise. In my recent discoveries I have found that the mememorable time spent with family and friends was what I cherished the most.
I enjoy self improving and making the most of time spent with family
There is boring times and self improvement that I don’t share with others in my life as I don’t want to get hurt. I would like to be that person that shares their stories with others. I do not share my stories with family and find it difficult. I used a blog to help me share my voice more. I read a blog that felt like I was reading about myself. That I love people who share and are talkative about the world as I feel like I know them and are close to them without making a effort.
I am a person that can put up my defensive mechanism. I am a person that can use work as a distraction and care for family and friends and not share much. I started to blog to share my experiences when they happen and try to enjoy people as they are giving more effort of me to share anything and everything.
I started blogging to connect with people.